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About Us

Ritorika is made by two best friends in Russia.

By the time we created a common project, we both had a wide background in the field of project management, finance, marketing and public relations. We have managed hundreds of people and multi-million dollar budgets. And often we had fun, studied the market and fashionable websites, chattered and drank wine!

For years we have been looking for the “perfect t-shirt” for ourselves: with a cool fit, from real 100% cotton with bold prints and could not find it. We had to sew them ourselves! And we liked it so much that we it turned into a business.

It turned out that we were not alone. There are a lot of us side! Girls and guys who want a quality product and to experience positive emotions. Our prints about self-irony, a healthy attitude towards yourself, sports, love and the world around us!

From the very beginning, a solid and professional team is working on the project: designers, artists, a knitting factory, photographers, models…
Over time, active followers on social networks, buyers, and bloggers joined us. That is how the project started literally from zero and gained momentum.

Despite constantly growing sales and volumes, we managed to not reduce our product quality. Only the best 100% cotton, stylish design, unique packaging and an extraordinary set of prints! We are attentive to every detail, for us there are no trifles.

In addition, Ritorika was never just a T-shirt shop.
On Instagram @ritorika_official we keep a real blog – about life, relationships, about the important things!